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ImpeanEver wonder what it would be like to walk into an enclosure full of rescued flight birds?  It's a heavenly racket, and that's just how we love it at Sara's. Happy foul, birds living out their new lives in peace, and co-mingling with other birds (and other animals).  Here's a few of their stories. . .
The goose whose former owner hit him so hard on the head that he now thinks the 4 x 4 post in the yard is his girlfriend. He lets all strangers know to stay away from his friend, "the post." Sam has had two surgerys now: one on his wing, and one on his bill.
There's the bitty duck, now 18 years old, whose former owner poked his eyes out and ate them as an aphrodisiac. This is usually a fatal injury to these birds - this little guy survived and now finds love at Sara's. 
Customized Special Diets Are What Give These Birds Their Shine!
Customized Special Diets Are What Give These Birds Their Shine!
These Birds Live in an Enclosed Area and Mingle With Other Rescued Birds
Waterfowl Are Given Ample Area to Roam and Swim!
Golden Pheasants Enjoying the Sun
Beautiful Ruffled Pigeon
Flight Pens Are Cleaned Daily
Peacock Showing His Beautiful Plummage
Bright Plummage Color Comes From a Proper Diet
Sitting Up High Keeping a Look Out
Heres Millie!
Beautiful Feathers Everywhere!
A Closeup of the Peacocks Beautiful Colors
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$25 a month sponsors a flight pen bird and will go a long way in helping these wonderful animals.  To sponsor a bird, please fill out the sponsorship form and mail your contribution to:
Sara's Sanctuary
PO Box 147
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