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Rabbits are bred for everything from medical and cosmetic research, to food, and providing a child�s delight at Easter time. The majority of these  Easter gifts are surrendered when the family is no longer interested in them, or because the rabbit has now matured and shows unwanted behavior (which can be solved by spaying/neutering).
The fun news is that rabbits are mesmerizing companions that amaze any human willing to take the time to discover what a rabbit is: a bundle of unconditional love who provides complete joy and boundless hours of companionship and bonding.
Rabbits are intelligent - just because they do not vocalize as cats and dogs, it does not mean that they are "dumb." Sara's Sanctuary has dozens of bunnies that have been surrendered, neglected or abused.  They simply can't take any more bunnies at this time; however, we thought you might like to look at some of our adorable rabbits.
Eddy Munchin on a Carrot
Eddy Munchin on a Carrot
Grace Loves Living at Saras!
Lionel and Rocky are Waiting to be Sponsored, Wont You Help Today?
Lionel Doin His Bunny Thing!
Best Friends Should Be Able to Stay Together!
Peter Cottontail At Lunch
The Rabbits at Saras Are Never Caged
Coming and Going as They Please
Bunnies and Wallaby Eating Fresh Fruit and Veggies For Lunch
Fresh Fruit and Veggies are Always On Hand at Saras!
Wheres the Salad Dressing?
Peter and Penny Posing For Pictures!
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