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Bob was rescued from a padlocked 8' x 10' cage in which he had lived for fourteen years. He had never been outside that cage in all those years. When he was rescued, he was standing belly deep in his own feces. His body was plastered with dried feces, he had open sores on his belly, edema (swelling) in his legs, and a respiratory infection. He could hardly stand and was literally at death's door.

Bob was taken from this horrific environment in the nick of time. An independent zoo veterinarian, who examined Bob, held out little hope for his survival. Terri and Dennis refused to give up on this horribly abused emu and dedicated many hours to his rehabilitation. Against all odds, Bob survived. Not only did he survive, he is now thriving.
The veterinarian thought Bob would not regain the use of his legs. Fortunately, Bob has fully recovered and is now able to run and move about like any normal emu. He is eating well and is happy in his new environment.
Happily, Sara's Sanctuary has become Bob's forever home. Consider sponsoring Bob, knowing that you are helping a wonderful animal live his life in a warm and caring environment.


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